At the end of year two I’d built a website on wix showing the projects id done and my artwork. (  I really got frustrated with this as I couldn’t customise anything the way I wanted to, I tried building a cargo collective site and ran into similar problems(maybe I’m just not very good at it). And if I’m honest I didn’t really feel my site communicated me and what I’m about.
I wasn’t too sure what would be the best way to show my work, I didn’t feel like I really fitted in to these conventional means of showcasing my work and I was questioning what i actually wanted to do when I left third year, as I didn’t feel the typical “illustrator” role was something i wanted to pursue. I like getting my hands dirty, I like getting stuck in and making things, and organising things to my own in a way that works for me in my own time frame.

So over summer I put a lot of thought into that, I went to a few craft fairs, My mum does craft fairs herself so I helped her organise her stock and advertise the events, in doing so I got a feel for what it was like, I met with organisers of such fairs and really got a feel for how its ran, I began to feel like that’s more similar to what I would like to do. Though being in the digital age I wanted to use the web to expand my reach.
But I also had to consider the fact that I want to physically work with conservation and helping the environment, and with that you need money coming in from somewhere, and I thought why cant I combine those two? What if my practice can support my passion, my passion in return can inspire my practice.  And fund my participation in volunteering projects.

I’d decided that I wanted to be able to produce ecological products/prints from my artwork, and sell those on an online store. But as I still want people to look at any other projects I undertake, that don’t make it on to the webstore, and so they can read up a little bit more about those that do and my reasons behind it I would accompany it with a wordpress website. I’ve chosen wordpress as I feel it would be the easiest to constantly keep updated, its simple design achieves everything I require.

It seems a scary concept putting it all on my own back, but weirdly, I’m more comfortable with that, because I know its all down to me then, I only get as much out of it as i put in and no one else is depending on me. And i always have that option of collaborating with people, its not like I’ve shut myself out, people can still approach me if they want to work with me or if they want me to produce something specific for them.

Its a work in progress and I still have a fair bit of work to do on them both, but I’ve set up my wordpress projects site:
and my webstore:

currently i do not own these domains, but i will be purchasing these once they’re more complete so that i appear more professional.

Here’s just some examples of how it looks so far…
Projects Site:

projects site about Projects site Projects site page 1  Projects site page 1.2



I’ve tried to maintain a consistent theme between the two so that there’s a clear connection between my work and my store.